Jackson Park for All

Let’s turn “Jackson” Park golf course into a free public green space.

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Two new light rail stations will be opening next to "Jackson" Park Golf Course in the next couple of years. The 148th St. station is set to open in 2024, and the 130th St. station in 2026.

Right now is our best chance to:

  • Rename the park, which is currently named after a genocidal tyrant and slaveowner,
  • Turn it into a free public green space with amenities that better serve the neighborhood and the environment,
  • And build more surrounding housing so that more neighbors can enjoy it and access the new light rail stations.

Take Action!



Take Action

Send a letter to Seattle City Council and Parks & Rec!

You are appreciated no matter how much you do with us! The following actions are listed in order of smallest to largest commitments. All levels of engaging with us are welcome. Send a letter to Seattle public officials! Ask for changes to Jackson Park to Seattle City Council, Parks and Rec, Department of Transportation, Office of Sustainability and Environment, and Office of Planning and Community Development. Send a Letter! Take a survey on your preferred park uses We will publish the aggregated results from this survey and use them to ask the city for the uses you all want!

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October 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jackson Park Golf Course make money for the city? No, Jackson Park Golf Course is not revenue positive for Seattle and losses are projected to continue to accelerate. In 2017, Seattle commissioned the Lund golf report, Strategic Business Plan for the Future of City of Seattle Owned Municipal Golf Courses". The report projects that the 4 Seattle public golf courses will incur losses between $4 million - $8 million for the city between the years 2017-2027 (pg 6-7).

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July 2023

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Learn more about our demands

Demand #1: Rename the park. Andrew Jackson: Slaveowner and genocidal tyrant. Eliminate monuments to white supremacy. A better name for a better park. Demand #2: Add Accessible Pathways. The meager Perimeter Trail is wheelchair inaccessible, claustrophobic, and unpleasant. Demand #2: Add Accessible Pathways. Allow many more people to walk, roll, and bike to both stations. Demand #3: Free Public Green Space. Fix the Northeast Seattle Park Desert. Park Equity. We want more than golf.

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About Us

Jackson Park for All is a project of More Parks for More Neighbors Coalition.

Contact Twitter: @jp4all_org Mastodon: @jp4all@social.ridetrans.it Mailing list About Us Jackson Park for All is a project of More Parks for More Neighbors Coalition, an all-volunteer group of Seattle community members working to better connect people to parks and all the other places they want to go via transit and well-located housing. Our group consists of families living near “Jackson” Park who want free public green spaces to walk our dogs, run around with our children, explore nature, meet with our neighbors, and more.

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